The ‘Kikuyu’ Mindset

Kikuyu Mindset
Kikuyu Mindset

The ‘Kikuyu’ mindset is not essentially a trait that the Kikuyu have. It is more of a stereotype that has over the years even been embedded in the Kikuyu people themselves. People in Kenya constantly lament that the Kikuyu love money. Everyone loves money. The difference here is that the Kikuyu people have embraced this stereotype and are even using it to their advantage.

The stereotype is actually doing them good. It makes them seem more business savvy which creates faster and more expensive business deals. Even if the one involved doesn’t know anything to do with business, at the mention of his or her name that is used to identify the tribe, the investors, or business associates bow in the glory of the stereotype and give what is required of them.

It is for this reason that rather than us shunning this stereotype, we should probably embrace their mindset, and use it to our advantage. Instead of complaining all the time that they have all the land, all the jobs, all the businesses. We should embrace their way of thinking in relation to money.

Think of it this way, if a certain ethnic group has a stereotype of being known to eat a lot and then you invite them over for lunch or supper, you will most likely serve a lot of food in response to that stereotype.

Its like the law of attraction. Whatever is attracted either by a stereotype or an affirmation of your own choosing, will by tooth and nail be available to you.

So love money, get money. Love food, get food. Love women, get women and the law goes on and on and on..

*Disclaimer: This is not an ethnic stereotype or shunning of the Kikuyu people. This is an observation regarding money and culture and one that can be used by all ethnic groups for financial gain.


2 thoughts on “The ‘Kikuyu’ Mindset

  1. Essentially, you’re observations are true and I fully agree.It is not just other Kenyan tribes engaging in this stereotype but other nationalities living in Kenya. However, it’s not all bad because this has lead to businessmen including foreigners investors learning to speak fluent Kikuyu in order to be able to close deals leading to the Kenyan culture being savored and appreciated.


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