The Kenyan Import Complex.

We seriously have a very deep rooted import problem in our country. And if you don’t agree just sit back and let me explain it to you. Get ready for some harsh truth right about now.

Trash Imports
Trash Imports

Why are we, as the proud country that we are, still accepting to be used as a dumpsite for cheap, old and fake products?

Don’t we have any sense of worth as a nation.

From fake watches to seven year old cars to second hand underwear. SECOND HAND UNDERWEAR!

Its even nasty just typing those three words. And yet mostly our women crowd the mitumba kibandas searching for that once worn bra or underpant with no shame.

I know you’ll probably blame the importers or import authority on how they’ll allow cheap imports into the country. But in essence, it’s not their fault, they have no moral compass. They are just filling a demand that we supply as a nation.

If you want them to stop importing trash, then stop buying trash! No demand equals no supply. Its simple economics my fellow citizens.

I especially detest the 7 year old cars they choke down our throats. I’m actually glad the Treasury is trying to make importing of old cars as expensive as possible. We don’t want their reject cars that they have used up and have gotten bored of and are trying to push them off to ‘those Africans over there.’

They are utterly shameless.

Of course they are cheaper. But what do you expect of a 7 year old car or even undergarment? Cheap is not worth it people. And as long as we don’t get that concept we will continually be used as dumping sites for thrown out bras and second hand underwear. Nasty, its just too nasty to even imagine.

Lets develop a sense of pride and worthiness for ourselves. I am begging you, please.


4 thoughts on “The Kenyan Import Complex.

  1. So true! In fact, many clothes stores have said that if it weren’t for “mutumba” they would be making twice as much money and sales would increase. Sales increase = More job opportunities = Low levels of employment = More tax returns = Improved economic growth! It’s all so simple!!

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