The Ineffectiveness of Formality.

A little wealth.
A little wealth.

The ineffectiveness I am referring to is in relation to wealth creation.

Many of our Kenyan graduates and youth at large regard employment as their objective in life. They believe that when they get that white collar or blue collar job, their struggles are over and they will live a fulfilling life.

To some degree, this is indeed a reality. Yes, you will live in that 3 bedroom house, but you will be renting it or paying mortgage for it for most of your employed life. Yes, you will get that car, but you will be, for a couple of years, financing it with almost half of your monthly paycheck.

What I am trying to explain here is that formal jobs are not adequate and are therefore not effective in creating real tangible wealth to the tunes of hundreds of millions to billions and beyond. This is where the informal sector comes in.

The informal sector in Kenya is the ultimate and most awesome place for a common mwananchi to start building his or her empire. From the matatu business, to furniture making, to hardware stores, to jua cali metal creations, the list in endless.

The informal sector is where you can start a hardware store and in a year or two, you will be able to open up two to three more hardware stores. It is a beautiful place that has often been overlooked by people.

We have to be able to embrace this sector instead of sitting in a desk for a whole 30 days and taking home 50,000 shillings and yet many individuals in the informal sector are making that same amount in a day, in net profits.

If you want to create an empire, more specifically in a developing country like ours, start in the informal sector.

It is the cradle of super wealth and exponential financial growth.


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