All Hail, The Disrupt Syndrome.

Everywhere around the world, Kenya included. A new religion is forming. The religion of technological disrupt seminars.

Disrupt all things possible.
Disrupt all things possible.

It’s getting out of control such that seminars are happening year round on startups and angel investors in the sense that these people end up living for the start up phases only to forget that they have a business to run. That they need to do some actual work the old fashioned way.

You hear seminars from time to time, claiming ‘Kenya will be disrupt!’ another ‘Rwanda will be disrupt!’ another ‘Asia will be disrupt!’ Just shut up already before you get yourself disrupt.

Don’t get me wrong people, the fundamentals of these seminars are very crucial and important as they provide new ideas with platforms to show to the world. But in the meantime, they do not realise that the seminar organisers are raking in big bucks for hosting these events.

I’m pretty sure they are always crossing their fingers, hoping and praying that these startups remain just startups forever.

Google did not need seminars. Facebook did not need seminars. Apple did not need seminars. It was through teamwork and hard work and dedication that these companies became billionaire behemoths.

So if you have an idea, don’t waste too much valuable time attending disrupt seminars. Stay in your office, work hard at it until it is ready for the market, show it to potential investors, receive funding, go back to a bigger office and start making money. Its fundamentally that simple.


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