The ‘Serikali Saidia’ Menace.

HELP YOURSELVES! And yes, the Capital letters mean I am angrily shouting at you right now.

Focus on You.
Focus on You.

We as a nation have been, for years, taken for a ride by politicians as they, since independence, have been strategically blinding us with political storms and propaganda to capture our attention and only focus on them and not our own individual growth.

And the media has been very effective in propagating this menace.

Why have we been duped so easily? That every time something goes wrong we have to ask the government to do this, oh government do that. We have to wake up! In the fundamental philosophy of a democracy, we as the citizens of this country are the government. What are we doing then asking the government for this and for that and for every other resource that we as a people have mandate upon?

I want to pose a test for us. This is a test that i want every Kenyan to take on. This is not an election year, there are no significant elections to be held. So do this.

At the very mention of politics, i just want you to block it out or change the subject. Block all political news, propaganda, or talks and focus entirely on family and finance. Specifically your family and your finance.

Accept this test and do it and I assure you 110% that your life and that of your family will have experienced significant change in the way you live and the position of financial stability in your home will definitely improve.

Just block the politics out. Its not that hard now is it? We have to realise that we do not have time for petty political talks that end up culminating into nothingness! It is a waste of precious time for us as a nation. Time that could have been used to develop businesses, to develop trade relations, to develop family finance values.

Let them talk to themselves. We pay them millions of shillings to talk politics. That is their job. Let them not drag us into it. We have no time or patience for political rallies and their campaigning all the time. Let them wait for the election period. Let them leave us in peace so that we can work and be able to fend for ourselves and improve our livelihoods too.

Time is money my fellow Kenyans. Please use it wisely.


Family money.

Family money is who’s money? The father, the mother, the children? Who controls the assets? image

In Kenya, it’s common that the one who brings in the bread is the head. Be it the man,woman or child. But then there is a problem. When the one who brings in the money suddenly becomes unavailable, everything turns to a stand still.

And therein lies the problem. There is no empowerment of family members to bring in their own money. The best community in Kenya that has developed firm empowerment of mainly the children is the Hindu community.

A good example is Chandaria Industries whereby the father made his son the Director of Chandaria who is only in his early 30’s. Granted it was to give way for his father’s work in charity but it is still empowerment that ensures prosperity of the family and the empire that was primarily built by the parents.

This type of family empowerment is fairly absent in the African community. We always hear cases of a prominent businessman who has passed on and suddenly people show up from every nook and cranny claiming relationship with the deceased mogul and wanting a piece of his or her empire.

This causes lack of continuity. The empire withers and dies due to lack of empowerment. This state is mainly propagated by the empire creator who always sees himself or herself as one of kind and no one can fill his shoes.

So he or she makes no effort to create a clear lineage for which to follow once he’s gone. Its like they think they are immortal and will forever live to control their estates. But father time always catches up with them. And when they are no more, their legacy goes with them.

We need to ensure empowerment in our families and create proper lineage. Otherwise all that we create will only live as we live. Only last our age of death. And go to the dirt as we go to the dirt.

Its a sad state of our current Kenyan economy, one that we need to change, for the good of tomorrow and hundreds of years from now.